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The new iPad vs. Chromebook?

Posted by MANUEL FLORES on

Apple announced its newest iPad, a direct Chromebook competitor, as part of its education initiative. Which would you rather purchase?

Apple says its new iPad can do anything a traditional laptop can. In addition to new support for the Pencil stylus, the iPad's biggest improvement is speed. Apple's A10 Fusion chip gives it better performance than that of some laptops, including the Samsung Chromebook Pro. The iPad's convenience and features do seem like they'd be helpful in a school setting, but are they as practical as you'd think?

Many students and teachers prefer having a built-in physical keyboard, and schools like the easy setup and features that come with Chromebooks. From a user's perspective, I know I am guilty of getting distracted while on handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. With apps just a few finger movements away, it may be hard to stay on task, especially for the students in younger age groups.

I know, I know, the new iPad is compatible with external keyboards, but do you think it's worth it to purchase accessories separately in order to use the iPad to its full capacity? On average, Chromebooks cost about $300. Meanwhile the new iPad sells for $329, and with the cheapest stylus ($49) and keyboard ($99) the price goes up to about $479. 

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